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Chadogu - utensils for chanoyu -

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Chado - the way of tea




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 ash glaze mizusashi 4-1.jpg (65411 bytes)  ash glaze mizusashi 4-3.jpg (72723 bytes)  mizusashi oribe shino.jpg (106540 bytes)

bizen style mizusashi.jpg (87404 bytes)  large fish-net wood ash mizusashi.jpg (39621 bytes)  wood ash big belly mizusashi.jpg (39506 bytes)  fish net mizusashi.jpg (98524 bytes)  


Mizusashi - Water Jars


tamba tenmoku chawan2.jpg (48588 bytes) white ash iron chawan1.jpg (53543 bytes)  white ash iron chawan2.jpg (55386 bytes)quail egg hagi chawan.jpg (65378 bytes)  korean chawan2.jpg (83933 bytes)

  hagi chawan3.jpg (75380 bytes)  karatsu chawan4.jpg (54919 bytes)  nezumi shino4.jpg (71206 bytes)  natural karatsu chawan.jpg (62262 bytes)  wood ash white chawan.jpg (54779 bytes)  white kohiki chawan.jpg (30520 bytes) 

July raku chawan1.jpg (44975 bytes)  brown black raku chawan.jpg (68756 bytes)  black green raku chawan.jpg (53781 bytes)

Chawan - Tea Bowls


Huijuan fish bowl.jpg (105563 bytes)

oribe handled basket.jpg (81520 bytes)  okashi plate 2.jpg (63551 bytes)  purple gray shino handle basket1.jpg (61212 bytes)  purple grey shino handled basket2.jpg (50158 bytes)  karatsu bowl3.jpg (60685 bytes)

july guinomi.jpg (60072 bytes)



Blind Donkey Chashaku.jpg (44722 bytes)  recent chashaku.jpg (39753 bytes)  Rotten Ax Handle.jpg (92967 bytes)  Hearing Gibbons in Ba Gorge.jpg (49741 bytes)  Seeking_but_not_finding_the_recluse.jpg (35887 bytes)  Shuko's Tea Gourd.jpg (44242 bytes)  

Chashaku - Bamboo Teascoops


Bizen style chaire thai silk shifuku.jpg (57352 bytes)   huijuan daikai.jpg (60183 bytes)  Huijuan large kohiki chaire.jpg (55757 bytes)   katastuki tamba chaire.jpg (45991 bytes)  katatsuki amber chaire.jpg (50981 bytes)   slender ears tamba chaire.jpg (46701 bytes)  large karatsu chaire.jpg (58085 bytes)   usuchaki 001.jpg (48395 bytes)

          Chaire, Usuchaki - Tea Containers


Lohan Tana with Hook.jpg (304397 bytes)  Bird's Footprint Tana.jpg (163515 bytes)




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      harmony_reverence_purity_tranquility.jpg (64309 bytes)

  1. Buddha going beyond
  2. Clouds and the moon are truly the same; valleys and mountains distinctly different
  3. Lazy stone not moved by the flowing waters
  4. Unmistakably clear, profoundly seen
  5. See the universe by what lies before you
  6. Dream
  7. Mu
  8. Harmony, Reverence, Purity, Tranquility

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